Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexy Secretaries, a lady in leather, jeans, stockings ---- New Stuff!

Tweed is sexy? Is it? Sure?

Oh yes, it is! New at Koo-Koo's - the Sexy Secretary Dress! Available either as the "solo" dress, or in a complete package with a work and after-work version - including armwarmers and crunchy socks, stockings, stay-up's and a little blouse .... for the busy modern woman (and at a special price)!

The same dress is also available in two jeans flavours - dark blue and light blue - however you want to style it, it's sooo versatile! Sweet and adorable or rough n' tough - it's your call!


And then there's the leather version.... soft, supple leather, in a brown so dark it looks almost black... this is a lady you don't want to cross... or maybe you do, who knows? ;)

And there's more.... armwarmers and crunchy socks, and a fatpack of colourful leggings, shiny stay-up's....

Tp over and have a look! :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cowgirls have more fun! - And lots more new stuff at Koo-Koo's!

Who could resist her, in her tight fitting cow-hide leggings and chaps? Both can be worn seperately (the chaps look nice with jeans or shorts, too!) - they're the perfect outfit for a lazy day in the sun or at that rodeo.... beware, guys, this is a tough girl!


The jeanshirt is a new item, too, and comes in two colours!

And last, but not least, a sexy-sweet little lace shirt in delicious colours which remind me of spring, and blue skies, and flowers, and the sun.... (yeah, I'm starving for spring; how did you guess? :))

And don't forget there's the Valentine offer still to grab ...

All this and much more at Koo-Koo's!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Release and special Valentine's Offer at Koo-Koo's!

A lovely high-waist slim Jeans in six colours - wearable either bootcut or extralong legging-style - and if you're having a hard time choosing your favourite, there's a fatpack available, too!

And as Valentine's day is coming nearer and nearer, there's a special, Love :) -red version of the Jeans coming in a package with a little lacy, sweet white blouse - the perfect outfit for a day out with the person of your heart... Come and visit Koo-Koo for this and more!