Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baaaaad Bunny!

Hello hello,

looking for a fab Halloween costume? Come to Bang Bang and get the Bad Bunny Package! There's a shape, 3 skins (one without bunny make-up), a pair of Bunny Ears, bunny teeth and a sexy latex body suit for just 111L!

Have fuuuuun!

<3 Sisch & Riott

Bat-ride to Bang Bang

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Greenhouse and Belted Longshirts


yay it worked! I have 2 new releases for you this week, and.....! Let's start with the Little Greenhouse - a small glass-house for your garden, filled with lots of decorations... shelves, flower-pots, baskets with herbs, shovels, a table, a chair with 7 animations... please come over to our rezzplace and have a look for yourself! Just this weekend the Little Greenhouse is set to 99L - special promotional price!

The fashion release is the Belted Longshirt in 3 striking colour-combinations. The perfect outfit for autumn-weather, bringing a splash of colour even into a gray day!

Aaaand... there'll be one more release this weekend.... not sayin' anymore right now. ;)

Have a great start into the weekend!
<3 Sisch & Riott

Taxi to Bang Bang

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Special offer at Bang Bang!

This was not my week... lots of RL stress and work, lots of SL crashes and searching for a new place for my Kittycats.. :/

So there's nothing new this week - buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut - I've reduced a bunch of stuff to 50L - just this sunday!

Next week there'll be new fashion, and - if all goes well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! also something new for you autumn garden....

Have a great sunday!
<3 Sisch & Riott

Taxi to Bang Bang

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last day for Pumpkin Hunt and new Tweed skirts!

Hello hello,

tomorrow (october 14th) is the last day of the Pumpkin Hunt, so if you haven't grabbed all the great items available, hurry up! Bang Bang offers The Airy, a lofty house with texture change windows and floor-lighting, a fireplace with 7 animations and much more for just 45L! It will still be available after the hunt, but not at this price... you're looking for a pair of pumpkins, hidden at the mainstore!

Plus there's last weeks new release to discover, the Tweed Mini Skirts & Vests! They come in 3 colours - skirts and vests are resize scripted for easy fitting, and a shawl is included, too!

Your taxi to Bang Bang!

<3 Sisch & Riott

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfly Queen

Butterfly Queen by riott007
Butterfly Queen, a photo by riott007 on Flickr.

*New* @ Bang Bang - Butterfly Queen. Limited time only for Halloween and currently on sale for L299.. for the next few days. Includes 4 skins, 1 eyes and 1 Shape.(See Picture) Demo is available.

<3 Riott & Sisch