Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - The "This is not a Belt" Dress!

It's sunday, and time for a special again:

The "This is not a belt" dress! Very short, very sexy, with a nice view on your lovely back.... hawt! :)
For a less risqué look, you can also wear it as a shirt with leggings or jeans!

"This is not a Belt"

And just for today it's only 50L!

And there's fridays release to discover, too, the linen leisure pants and tank tops in a great variety of colours -  the perfect holiday outfit! Both come in 6 colours, each tank top package has a plain version of the shirt, and one stripey or flowery!

Linen leisure pants and tank tops

And until tuesday, there's still the Angie shape/skin/eyes package on memorial day sale - for 99L!

Happy sunday!

xoxo Riott & Sisch

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Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday again!!!

:D! And that means a bunch of new stuff at Bang Bang again!

This week, it's all about linen tank tops and linen leisure pants - more additions to the Summer Linen Collection!
Tops come in 6 colours and 12 styles - each package you get contains 2 shirts! One striped or flowered (is that a word? It is, now) and one plain!

And this, too!

Linen tank top and pants - red red wine
skin: Bang Bang Summer Collection - tanned
all pics taken at LISP and *Art Dummy!

The pants come in 6 colours and are a perfect match to the tops!

I'm a lady!

Linen tank top and pants - pretty flamingo
skin: Bang Bang freckles limited

And don't forget to take advantage of Miss Riott ... *ahem* - I mean, getting the Angie shape/skin/eyes package for only 99L!! Hurry, before she gets sober again!! :p


Linen tank top and pants - lilac pleasure
shape: Bang Bang - Angie   skin: Bang Bang Summer Collection - tanned

And lastly, LISP and *Art Dummy!, where I've taken all the wonderful pics, have a new location and loads of wonderful new beachy-summery stuff out, go have a look around and spoil yourself! :)

Have a nice start into the weekend!!

xoxo Sisch

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Sale!

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Ok, I just got back from a BBQ..finished stuffing my face with hot dogs, drank a few beers and I thought "What the hell..I should have a sale." Yes, it's the drunk talking. I should be sober by Tuesday and that's when the sale will be over.

Part of the new summer collection *Angie Shape* She comes with 1 shape, 1 skin, 1 eyes. There is a styling card as well. Demos are available.

Here's the big whoopie doo...the package is 99L!
Yay. 99L with two exclaimations !!

Enter our world

Huggles Riott & Sisch

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - The Beach Bag!

This weeks sunday release at Bang Bang - the Beach Bag! Just enough room for a bikini, your favourite magazine, sunglasses and sunblocker!


There are two versions of the bag - one can be worn and has a hold-bag animation


and the other can be rezzed to be used as a room accessory or for your beach-scene... it's 14 prims including a shadow.


pics taken at Las Arenas Rosadas - Skin: Bang Bang Summer Collection tanned

I had great fun making this, hope you'll like it! :)

And while you're at the shop, don't forget to take a demo of our new Stinky shape, and take a look at the brand new Summer Linen collection!

Have a nice sunday!

<3 sisch

Limo to Bang Bang

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Linen Collection is here!

Hello Ladies,

a bunch of new stuff just arrived; the first items of the Summer Linen Collection!
Today it's 6 tops and 6 short skirts - all made of cool linen to keep you fresh in the summer heat!


Summer Linen Skirts in "just red" and "just grey", tops in "just red" and "fresh morning"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in tanned and dark
Streetlamp with many poses, used in all pics : L.I.S.P

Wether you style them for the city or for the beach, you'll always look great!


Summer Linen skirts and tops in "sailor ahoi!" and "blue hour"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in pale and tanned

And there's two 6-packs available - one for the skirts, and one for the tops, each at a 30% reduction!


Summer Linen skirts in "fresh morning" and "just beige", tops in "just grey" and "just beige"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in dark and pale

Hope to see you soon at Bang Bang!
Have a great start into the weekend!

<3 Riott & Sisch

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stinky Shape

Hey new shape at Bang! Bang! Demos shapes are available. Shape package comes with 1 shape, 1 skin, and 1 eyes.

Stinky likes long walks on the beach, scented candles, fried chicken, blow up sheep, pixie sticks, latex gloves and occasionally, does some light internet stalking. She's like the girl next door! Get your Stinky shape now...before I design something different!

Clicky Click
Enter our world



Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's done - Koo-Koo&Mean Girl are now Bang Bang!

Riott and I hope you'll love our new shop - from now on, we'll be offering you sexy skins and shapes, fashion and houses under one name! In addition to a big new shop we also have a beautiful garden, which we hope you will explore, and relax a bit from shopping.... we'll take care of your bags while you have a little swing on our garden swing or relax with a book at our pond! (Beware of the cat, he steals cookies!)

There's also something new to wear in the shop right now, just the right kind of clothing for a Sexy Sunday@Home... comfortable, yet sexy!


The set comes in 5 colours - red, green, turquoise, brown and black - there's the low cut sweat pants and the slightly transparent top in 2 versions - one with sleeves, one without!


Of course the tops come on several layers for easy mixing and matching, and everything is copy/mod!

So we wish you nice weekend and hope to see you soon at Bang Bang!

<3 Riott & Sisch

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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Shop New Stuff!

It's still not 100% finished, but the new shop building is up and we almost habe all our stuff in.... a girl needs a coffee break after so much work!


New at Koo-Koo this week - jeans n' tops!

Your favourite stone-washed skinny jeans comes in three flavours - much loved (worn a lot but still not ripped! I've been careful!) - more loved (okay, I need to do something about these rips.. lets see.. oh, cute patches!) and most loved (it's ripped - so what?)

The cute Bandeau Tops come in five colours and are perfect for mixing and matching!

Bandeau-top and much, more, most! loved jeans

The beautiful skin I wear in this pic is Mean Girl's latest - Angie!

Have a great start into the weekend!

<3 sisch

Taxi to Koo-Koo&Mean Girl

Friday, May 7, 2010

Versatile Simplicity - Newness at Koo-Koo!

I don't know about you, but I like simplicity - what is nicer than a soft shirtdress you just slip on and look great?

Introducing - the Simple Shirt Dress!

Simple Shirt Dress

It  comes in 4 colours - choco, red, khaki and grey - on all layers, so you can mix and match it to your hearts desire! It looks elegant worn with high heels and  jewelry - wear it with flats and maybe even a pair of jeans underneath and you have relaxed, sporty look! This dress has many faces!

And for the group, there's an exclusive version - with an extra sash on top! :) If you're new to the group and haven't been sent it, look in the subsribo under "History".... ;)

Elegant Simplicity

Have a nice weekend!!

<3 sisch

Taxi to Koo-Koo&Mean Girl

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sale at Koo-Koo! Exciting News!

Very soon now Koo-Koo&Mean Girl will share a big shop! I've been busy building the whole week!

There's also a garden to explore now - we hope that you will take a moment to wander through it, listen to the birds and smell the flowers, maybe take a few snapshots and relax! :)

The Koo-Koo house-vendors already have been moved into their new building - they're in the little garden retreat now.

A gardenhouse for

There's a sale going on now at Koo-Koo - look for the crates just inside the store, there's a lot of items
for just 30L! One of them is the little grey leatherdress! All of the 30L items won't make it into the new store, so get them now while you still can!

grey leatherdress

And the Highwaist Jeans is on sale for 50L now, in a bunch of great colours!

Highwaist Jeans

Hope to see you at Koo-Koo, and have a great weekend! :)

<3 sisch

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