Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Linen Collection is here!

Hello Ladies,

a bunch of new stuff just arrived; the first items of the Summer Linen Collection!
Today it's 6 tops and 6 short skirts - all made of cool linen to keep you fresh in the summer heat!


Summer Linen Skirts in "just red" and "just grey", tops in "just red" and "fresh morning"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in tanned and dark
Streetlamp with many poses, used in all pics : L.I.S.P

Wether you style them for the city or for the beach, you'll always look great!


Summer Linen skirts and tops in "sailor ahoi!" and "blue hour"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in pale and tanned

And there's two 6-packs available - one for the skirts, and one for the tops, each at a 30% reduction!


Summer Linen skirts in "fresh morning" and "just beige", tops in "just grey" and "just beige"
Skins - Bang Bang Summer Skin Collection in dark and pale

Hope to see you soon at Bang Bang!
Have a great start into the weekend!

<3 Riott & Sisch

Your boat to Bang Bang