Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - Skinny, patchy Jeans!

Yay, it's sunday! :) I love sundays - it means being lazy, lying in the sun, eating icecream..... but I digress... :p

To celebrate the sunday-ness, we have a 50L$ Special at Bang Bang again:

The More loved skinny jeans! Low-cut, sexy, distressed, with cute patches in all the right places. Come and grab 'em while they're reduced!

Bang Bang - More loved skinny jeans

And take a look also at this week's new release:

Metropolis Amazon

A sleek, urban and sexy dress for the modern woman, made of supple leather!

Bang-Bang - Metropolis Amazon!

Have a great sunday!

Your limo to Bang Bang

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Modern Amazon

New this week at Bang Bang - the Metropolis Amazon outfit!

Soft, supple leather - a short skirt paired with cut-out pants - a short jacket with a wide collar.

Sleek, sexy, modern!


Have a great start into the weekend!

<3 Sisch & Riott

Your heli to Bang Bang

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sporty Sunday!

This sunday, we'll be good and go jogging... or do some yoga.... or.... hang out on the sofa and read a good book? Or watch football?

Regardless of what you do, you'll be comfy in the Bang Bang Sporty Pants!
They come in 5 colours - black, aqua, green, red and caffe latte - as usual on all layers and as it's sunday, they're only

50 L$!


And if the weather's sunny where you are, and you're looking for something very sexy to wear, there's friday's release:

The Boho Dungarees!

Bang-Bang - Boho Dungarees

Have a great sunday!

<333 Sisch & Riott

Limo to Bang Bang

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Boho Friday! :)

Just new at Bang Bang -

the Boho Dungarees!

Bang-Bang - Boho Dungarees - denim
denim (Skin: Bang Bang - Disco High, all pics) pictures taken at LISP Bazaar

Bang-Bang - Boho Dungarees - baby blue
baby blue 

Bang-Bang - Boho Dungarees - outrageous pink
outrageous pink

The perfect outfit for a long hot summer.... don't forget to wear your hat!
(Also good for fanning - the guys will need it when they see you in this outfit!)

Have a great start into the weekend!

<333 Riott & Sisch

Taxi to Bang Bang

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - Sexy linen Vests!

Hello, hello my Dears,
it’s time again for a Sunday Special at Bang Bang!

This week it’s a sexy, slightly see-through linen vest in 5 delicious colours on all layers for easy mix and match - the whole package for just  
50L$ today! :)
Tomorrow it’ll be up to normal price again, so come and grab it now!


And there's also this friday's release to have a look at - the Short-a-licious shorts! Sexy retro-style high-waist shorts that make your bum look sizzeling-sexy!

Short-a-licious Shorts

Have a great sunday!!

xoxo Riott & Sisch

Limo to Bang Bang

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hawt Newness at Bang Bang!

The weekend is nearly there... just a few hours to go! The weather is nice (at least it is here, I hope you're lucky, too!) - so put on your new hot shorts and have a great time! :)

The Bang Bang Short-a-licious Shorts come in 4 colours and 2 styles - black and blue with a "new" feeling to them, and light grey and very light blue worn and ripped! They are fashionably high-waist and make your bum look very, very sexy!

I swear, I......

Lazy day out or shopping spree - these shorts fit the bill!


They come on all layers for easy styling, too!

Short-a-licious Shorts

 Have a great start into the weekend!

<333 Riott & Sisch

Taxi to Bang Bang

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - It's all about houses!

Yay! I finally finished a new house:

The Abandoned Atelier!


If you listen closely, the walls will tell you a story...


The house has a footprint of 10x16, the windows are texture change to give you privacy if you so desire.
It's got a working fireplace and the easel included, and light is streaming in softly....
It's 41 prims all in all!

And to celebrate the new house, all our houses will be

50 Linden

just this sunday!!!
Come monday, they'll be at regular price again, so don't miss this opportunity! :)

xoxo Riott & Sisch

Limo to the houses

Limo to Bang Bang

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday newness at Bang Bang!

Hello my Dears,

we have a sophisticated sexy new little dress for you this weekend -
the Glitterdress!

Bang Bang - Glittery dress

It comes in 4 colours - midnight blue, silver, emerald and choco -  and is the perfect outfit for a night of cocktails, jazzy music and dancing with your loved one!

Bang Bang - Glittery dress emerald
Skin: Bang Bang Summer Collection - tanned
Tattoo - HUZ

Have a great start into the weekend!

xoxo Riott & Sisch

Limo to Bang Bang