Friday, June 11, 2010

Hawt Newness at Bang Bang!

The weekend is nearly there... just a few hours to go! The weather is nice (at least it is here, I hope you're lucky, too!) - so put on your new hot shorts and have a great time! :)

The Bang Bang Short-a-licious Shorts come in 4 colours and 2 styles - black and blue with a "new" feeling to them, and light grey and very light blue worn and ripped! They are fashionably high-waist and make your bum look very, very sexy!

I swear, I......

Lazy day out or shopping spree - these shorts fit the bill!


They come on all layers for easy styling, too!

Short-a-licious Shorts

 Have a great start into the weekend!

<333 Riott & Sisch

Taxi to Bang Bang