Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bye bye Summer.......

Bye bye Summer.....

... everywhere you see this sign in the mainstore now, you'll find clothes at bargain prices! :)
I'm working very hard on my autumn/winter collection, and will need lots of space for new stuff soon!
The reduced items will be retired after the sale... so grab them while you can!

Have a great sunday!
xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Cherry and get your Sunday Special!

There's a new exclusive shape/skin/eyes package available at our Horst location - meet Cherry! :)


Come and try the demo!

And we have a Sunday Special again:
this time, it's a pair of high-waist, ripped light blue shorts, a sexy, slightly transparent brick-red linen vest and a pair of ultra comfortable, red-dotted espandrillos! Everything is copy/mod, the shorts and vest come on all system layers and the shoes have a resize-script for easy size adjustment. And the whole package is just
75 L$! 
Just for today, so come and grab yours!

Bang Bang - Sunday Special Shorts-package

The Sunday Special is available both at the mainstore and at our Horst location!

Have a great sunday!
<333 Sisch & Riott

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new lamp for your home and the Starlust panty raid!

This week new at Bang Bang:

A texture change, touch-toggle on/off house lamp!
It's just 2 prims and you can choose between 3 textures!

Bang Bang - House lamp

Plus, the annual panty-raid is in full swing on all Starlust land - we've hidden one of those golden clams, too, at our Horst location!

Have fun, and a great sunday!

<333 Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shapely shapes and french houses

Weeeell, one of each, to be precise... I have to admit I'm sometimes a bit challenged by blog-titles! :p

Riott has made a shape/skin/eyes package exclusively for our Horst location:
Say hello to Miss Malevolent!


She's got a sexy bod... come and try the demo! :)

The french house is called "La Provencale" - it's the biggest house I've build yet - 20x24 footprint - and it comes with loads of extras!

Bang Bang - La Provencale007

I've made a little video to show it to you...

Extras are 4 plant-barrels for the courtyard, 2 window cushion with animations, 2 decorative cushions, a light-ray...
The house is copy-mod (even if the vendor says something different), with the exception of the cushions and the plant-barrels, which are mod/trans. I hope you'll like it!

Have a great sunday!
<3333 Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New house on sale, new satellite shop and a gift for you! :)

Yeah that's right, lots of exciting stuff happening at Bang Bang this week! :)

I've made a new little house - The Little Warehouse - with the needs of a shopowner in mind who has just little space and limited prims! Here's a little video of it!

The house has a 10x10 footprint, a fully configurable sliding door, a shop-sign, a light-ray and inbuild shelves - all at just 17 prims! Everything is copy/mod, so that you can adapt it to your needs, and of course you can also use it as a garden shed, or..... whatever you can think of. :)

And Bang Bang now has a satellite shop on the Starlust,yaaay!
The shop is still under construction - I think Riott is making something special for it - but my stuff is already in, and I've made a special shirt for you to grab as a gift to celebrate! The Star Shirt is only available at the Horst location!

Bang Bang - Star Shirt
Have a wonderful sundaaaay!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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