Friday, April 23, 2010

Lazy Days are coming....

and here's the outfit to make it sexy lazy days! :)

There's the Lazy Day Vest in grey or blue denim....

Lazy Day Vest grey denim

and there's patchy versions of the vest, and matching skirts!

Koo-Koo - patchy vests and skirts

All items come on several layers, and the skirt has a resizer for easy fitting!

So come on over and have a look, and don't forget to visit Mean Girl to look at the great new shape and skins and take part in the Photo-Contest!

Have a great lazy week-end!

<3 Sisch

Limo to Koo-Koo&Mean Girl

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Shape at Mean Girl~!

Since Koo-Koo and I share the same land and we are friends, we thought we might blog together too! So this is my first post and I hope it goes well.... :D

The new summer collection has been released at Mean Girl. There's a couple of new skins and a brand spanking new summer shape!! The shape package includes 1 Shape, 1 eyes in Blue, 1 skin.

It should make you feel sexy...she's got some knockers and nice eyes. (well, I like her!)

Also, there is a new group / grope gift for the groupies! Check out the photography contest while you are there. There's a notecard but it isn't long.
We also added a subscribe O matic for those that don't like doing the group thing. (*Group gift is avaible for that as well)

If you are a freak; you can click this link here:

Non freaks can click here:


Bonvoyage little sprouts

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts!

The Fringed&Patched Shorts are brand-new at Koo-Koo!

Sweet and sexy, available in three colours.

Koo-Koo - Fringed&Patched Shorts

Only 69L!
Plus I've reduced a number of things to 50L, to make room for new shiny things soon to come!

TP to Koo-Koo

<3 Sisch

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home is where my house is....

no wait... how did that saying go?

Okay, I might not be really good at wordplay :p

Anyway, there are two houses new at Koo-Koo!

The 'Garden Retreat' is exactly what the name implies - a small place with lots of windows to gaze out at the garden! Very cozy, made of wood and stone, a bit weathered...

Koo-Koo - Garden Retreat 001

It's just 16 prims and has a lockable door. (Furniture you see in the pics is not included!)
Then there's the skybox 'Bird's Nest' - it's 26 prims including a fireplace, and has texture-change windows and one colour-change wall.

Koo-Koo - Birds Nest_006

Koo-Koo - Birds Nest_002

For more pics please look at my Flickr page and visit the shop for a detailed notecard!

<3 sisch
Limo to Koo-Koo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tops and pants and caps.....

I hope you all had a very nice easter! :)

I've been busy making new stuff for the shop:

a bunch of high-neck shirts in black and beige.....

shabby, baggy shorts in black and jeans.....

and the leathercap you're seeing on some of the pics - here it is larger...

... all at very reasonable prices! Plus groupmembers have an exclusive April groupgift... :)

So come over and have a look!

<3 sisch

Your flight to Koo-Koo

Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Beach!

So I tried again and again to get to the Pose Fair today - no luck, it was always full when I tried! I hope I have better luck tomorrow...

Of course that left me with a lot of time to work on the little something I was working on... so now I give you...


For me, Espandrillos are a synonym for beach, sun, water, fun, party, chilling.... holidays! :)

There are three soft leather versions - beige, brown and black; and five linen versions: kittikat, white flower, stripey, dottie and musical. Below you see kittikat!

They are all at the shop now, so come get 'em! 

The baggy pants you see me wearing? Sssh.... soon! ;)

And don't forget there's still the Mini-Easter-Hunt going on, and there are several items reduced to 50L in the shop!

<3 sisch

Your boat to Koo-Koo!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mini Easter Hunt and special Offers at Koo-Koo!

That's right! There are three eggs hidden on the Koo-Koo and Mean Girl premises, two of them filled with hunt-exclusive stuff! Have fun searching!

Plus I've reduced some items to just 50L... all you need to do is look for 'teh Bunny of Doom'! :p
hey, don't laugh! :D

Have a happy Easter, everyone! 

<3 sisch

Taxi to Koo-Koo