Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Shape at Mean Girl~!

Since Koo-Koo and I share the same land and we are friends, we thought we might blog together too! So this is my first post and I hope it goes well.... :D

The new summer collection has been released at Mean Girl. There's a couple of new skins and a brand spanking new summer shape!! The shape package includes 1 Shape, 1 eyes in Blue, 1 skin.

It should make you feel sexy...she's got some knockers and nice eyes. (well, I like her!)

Also, there is a new group / grope gift for the groupies! Check out the photography contest while you are there. There's a notecard but it isn't long.
We also added a subscribe O matic for those that don't like doing the group thing. (*Group gift is avaible for that as well)

If you are a freak; you can click this link here:

Non freaks can click here:


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