Saturday, October 30, 2010

These boots are made for walking....

... and that's just what they'll doo......

The Cutie booties are fresh at the store - 7 versions, each one unique! They come resize-scripted - a demo is available at the mainstore! Please keep in mind that they are viewer 2 or similar compatible only!

Bang Bang - Cutie booties - Some decisions are hard to take....

Plus there's an eigth version of the booties - but only until November 1st, it's a gift and you have to search for it!
On the 2nd they will vanish, and I will not sell this special version of the booties, so if you like this colour, come on over and find them... (just look for a small orange pumpkin!)

Bang Bang - Gift!

And if you're still searching for that perfect Halloween outfit, we have 2 packages for you - each with a full costume, high-heeled shoes, a skin, a shape and eyes for just 222L! The clothes come on multiple layers, have lots of sculpted details, and the shape is modifiable!

Bang Bang - Puppet on a String - Horrorfest

Bang Bang - Scaley Beast - Horrorfest

Have a great weekend and Halloween!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Bang Bang Mainstore

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-week Newness at Bang Bang!

This week is all about furrrr and leather! :)

Just fresh at the shop is the TurnMeAround Vest - a cute little reversible vest! It comes in 4 colour combinations!

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest black

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest brown

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest light-brown

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest red

And I've hidden a giftie both at the main shop and at Horst - it's in the shop, in a little orange pumpkin, it's a sneak preview of something not yet released and you can wear it on your feet.... and it's an exclusive colour! - the gift will stay up until october 31st, after that it will vanish, never to be seen again.... so don't forget to search for it when you visit! :)

More stuff at the weekend!
<33 Sisch & Riott

Bang Bang Mainstore

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ooohlala! She wears Velvet!

I told you there'd be more new stuff at Bang Bang this week, didn't I? :)

Here we have a sexy, very short, very soft velvet dress which clings to your curves... in 4 vibrant colours, wearable with or without gloves and flowey sleeves, and with a little matching cape which adds that extra ooohlala!

Bang Bang - She wears Velvet!

It works perfectly with the lacey tights that we released just this week - but also very nicely with a pair of stylish pants... there's loads of possibilities! The dress comes on all system layers for easy mixing and matching. The skins I'm wearing in the picture above are also new this week - say hi to Paris! Demo's are available at the main shop!

I've also put out a little present, both at the main shop and at Horst... a sneak preview for something that will be released next week... in an exclusive colour! :o
But you'll have to search for it - keep an eye out for a very small pumpkin..... hope you'll like it! :)

Have a great weekend!

Lotsa kisses Sisch & Riott

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paris and lacey tights!

Hello hello my Dears,

exciting new stuff at the shop!
Riott has created a new skinline - please meet Paris!


I'm absolutely, totally in love with her - she comes with blonde and dark eyebrow options, 3 different lipsticks each, 8 tattoo make-up's, a sexy hot shape and 2 striking eyecolours! There's a demo available in the main shop, come try it out!

And we have another package of basic tights at a nice price - the Lacey tights! 10 vibrant colours in a  fatpack for just 100L$!

Bang Bang - Lacey tights

And if you haven't already done so, please visit our stall at Horrorfest, where you can find a hot pair of red shiny shoes (our charity item) and two packages with shape-skin-eyes-outfit-shoes for Halloween!
Bang Bang at Horrorfest

There's more new stuff to come this weekend..... :)
 Take care!

<33 Sisch & Riott
Bang Bang Mainstore

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bang Bang at Horrorfest 2010!

Horrorfest is open, and Riott and I are very happy we're a part of it!
We have a whole lot of new and exclusive items for you!

Here's your taxi to our stall - Bang Bang on Horrorfest

First, there's the Devil's Advocate Shiny Shoes - our charity item!

Bang Bang - Devil's Advocate Shiny Shoes
As you might know, the proceeds of the charity items go a 100% to the Sopie Lancaster Foundation - a charity that works in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by the law, so that what happened to Sophie and her boyfriend will never happen again!

Then we have 2 packages - complete with shape, skin, eyes, outfits and shoes - perfect for Halloween parties!

There's the Puppet on a String box
Bang Bang - Puppet on a String - Horrorfest

and the Scaley Beast box
Bang Bang - Scaley Beast - Horrorfest

both at very nice prices, go have a look! As always, the clothes come on multiple system layers, have a lot of sculpted details - the Scaley Beast for example contains a ripped and a pristine version of the catsuit, plus extra legattachments for the pants! The shapes are copy/mod, skins and eyes copy only.

Have a fun weekend!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Bang Bang Mainstore

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

New stuff at Bang Bang!

I've made some booties - supple stingray leather, 6 colours, stylish wooden heel and resize scripted!

Bang Bang - Stingray leather gaiter booties

Come and grab a demo at the shop! Please note: the booties are Viewer 2 (or Phoenix, Emergence, Imprudence, Kirsten .. etc.) compatible ONLY! There's also a fatpack available. :)

Have a great sunday!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Bang Bang Mainstore

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stripey knits and wooly tights

Here are two new additions to the Bittersweet Autumn Collection -

a sexy, stripey, short minidress in four different colours - fatpack also available!

Bang Bang - Simple knitted stripey dress - all colours

And a big package of basic woolen tights in vibrant colours!

Bang Bang - Basic Wooly tights

Have fun mixing and matching! :)

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Bang Bang Mainstore