Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-week Newness at Bang Bang!

This week is all about furrrr and leather! :)

Just fresh at the shop is the TurnMeAround Vest - a cute little reversible vest! It comes in 4 colour combinations!

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest black

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest brown

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest light-brown

Bang Bang - TurnMeAround Vest red

And I've hidden a giftie both at the main shop and at Horst - it's in the shop, in a little orange pumpkin, it's a sneak preview of something not yet released and you can wear it on your feet.... and it's an exclusive colour! - the gift will stay up until october 31st, after that it will vanish, never to be seen again.... so don't forget to search for it when you visit! :)

More stuff at the weekend!
<33 Sisch & Riott

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