Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paris and lacey tights!

Hello hello my Dears,

exciting new stuff at the shop!
Riott has created a new skinline - please meet Paris!


I'm absolutely, totally in love with her - she comes with blonde and dark eyebrow options, 3 different lipsticks each, 8 tattoo make-up's, a sexy hot shape and 2 striking eyecolours! There's a demo available in the main shop, come try it out!

And we have another package of basic tights at a nice price - the Lacey tights! 10 vibrant colours in a  fatpack for just 100L$!

Bang Bang - Lacey tights

And if you haven't already done so, please visit our stall at Horrorfest, where you can find a hot pair of red shiny shoes (our charity item) and two packages with shape-skin-eyes-outfit-shoes for Halloween!
Bang Bang at Horrorfest

There's more new stuff to come this weekend..... :)
 Take care!

<33 Sisch & Riott
Bang Bang Mainstore