Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bang Bang at Horrorfest 2010!

Horrorfest is open, and Riott and I are very happy we're a part of it!
We have a whole lot of new and exclusive items for you!

Here's your taxi to our stall - Bang Bang on Horrorfest

First, there's the Devil's Advocate Shiny Shoes - our charity item!

Bang Bang - Devil's Advocate Shiny Shoes
As you might know, the proceeds of the charity items go a 100% to the Sopie Lancaster Foundation - a charity that works in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by the law, so that what happened to Sophie and her boyfriend will never happen again!

Then we have 2 packages - complete with shape, skin, eyes, outfits and shoes - perfect for Halloween parties!

There's the Puppet on a String box
Bang Bang - Puppet on a String - Horrorfest

and the Scaley Beast box
Bang Bang - Scaley Beast - Horrorfest

both at very nice prices, go have a look! As always, the clothes come on multiple system layers, have a lot of sculpted details - the Scaley Beast for example contains a ripped and a pristine version of the catsuit, plus extra legattachments for the pants! The shapes are copy/mod, skins and eyes copy only.

Have a fun weekend!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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