Saturday, July 24, 2010

My garden is my well of serenity...

there are days when the hectic of everyday life is just too much....
that's when I go into my garden, cover my hands in soil and smell earth, flowers, and summer air.
Birds are singing above me, sunshine dapples the ground on which I'm kneeling....

and soon, I am tranquil and serene again.

Bang Bang - Gardening Set 001

The Bang Bang Gardening set tries to capture this moment with potted garden-flowers, dried herbs, a rusty old
watering pot and a not-quite-clean towel... and a just opened sack of fresh soil, can you smell it?

And if you're not sure about which flower it is you're just potting, there's the Complete Gardening Companion, too!

Bang Bang - Gardening Set 003

There's a special price for the whole set, but each item can also be bought seperately. You'll find the set in the little garden retreat.
I hope you enjoy! :)

Bang Bang - Gardening Set

And if you're in the mood for some fun, there's the new Gatcha machine filled with 17 cute bikinis I put up this week...
which colour will you get? Just 35L for one bikini!

Bang Bang - Gatcha Fever! 001

Have a wonderful, tranquil and serene weekend!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bang Bang's got Gatcha Fever!

I love Gatchas! So now we have a machine, too! :)

I've filled it with 17 cute neckholder bikinis which I've made specially for the gatcha - dotted, with hearts, strawberries, stripes.... 35L a try!

New Summer Bikinis

Riott is wearing just three of the designs, you can see all of them in the pic below:

Bang Bang - Gatcha Fever! 001

Have fun! :)

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ooops it's sunday again already!

.... :)

And of course we have a Sunday Special again today! A while ago I made the "Not a Belt" dress in black, and got asked for other colours - so here it is in hot, passionate red, on all system layers, and today for just


Bang Bang Sunday Special "Not a Belt" dress

I'm wearing two of the new skins released last week -  Tribe (left) and Liar (right) - demos are available at the shop!

And here's another photo of yesterdays new house release - The Modern Beach House!
Still available for a special introductory price of just 100L - come on over and take a look at it!

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 003
Plus we have planters and a stone garden pond...

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 013

Visit us at Bang Bang!

<333 Sisch & Riott

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living on the Beach... in style!

Bang Bang has a new house on offer!

The Modern Beach House is an L-shaped building with a footprint of 20x20 (measuring the outsides of the L).
It comes with a lockable front door, double-swing-doors to the balcony, exterior lights, texture change windows, a light-ray...

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 001

The house is only 57 prims - and there's more... in the package we have 3 planters and a stone garden pond with animated water and 2 sit-animations!

Just for this weekend I've set the house up on a platform - just tp to the shop and go to the garden house, where you'll find the teleporter. And as a special offer the house will be only

100 L$

this weekend! On monday I'll put it up on the regular price (399 L$), so don't miss this opportunity!

The planters which are included in the house package can also be bought seperately, as the pond, too.

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 010

More pics are on flickr - just click the photos to get there, or hop over to the shop!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Skins and Sunday Special!

Hello Ladies,

we have new skins! Riott made them so sensuous and sexy that I can't decide which I want to wear first and do constant skin-hopping.. :)... ultra kissable red lips.. dark, dramatic eyes... demo's are in the shop, come and try them out!

Because it's sunday, you can even grab one for just 50L today!!

And so that you have something sexy to wear to the skin, I put out the Glitterdress in choco and emerald for 50L each... just for today!

 Have a great sunday!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Holiday Special at Bang Bang!

Happy 4th of July! :)

To celebrate with you, we have special offers and gifts!

We have a skin/shape/eyes package - for 50L$!

We have the special ID4 version of the newly released Safari! Rompers - for 50L$!

Bang Bang - ID4 Romper

And we have a red, white and blue giftie for you!

Bang Bang - red, white and blue gift

And here's this week's new release, the Safari! Rompers again:
Bang Bang - Safari! Romper

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

Limo to Bang Bang

Friday, July 2, 2010

We're going on safari - and celebrate!

It's hot, hot, hot here in Germany, so this week's new release is a short romper made of cool linen!
Sexy and cute, this romper will be the right outfit for hot days, regardless of if you're photo-hunting in Africa, or hunting for a hunky guy in the big city... ;)

Bang Bang - Safari!

The Safari! Romper comes in 2 colours - beige, as shown above, and khaki, and, of course, on all layers for easy mixing!

Bang Bang - Safari! Romper

And I've made a special Independence Day version of the romper, in the colours of the american flag - it will only be available until july, 4th, and it's just


Bang Bang - 4th of July Special!

So come and grab yours! :)

Have a great start into the weekend!

mwah! Sisch & Riott

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