Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living on the Beach... in style!

Bang Bang has a new house on offer!

The Modern Beach House is an L-shaped building with a footprint of 20x20 (measuring the outsides of the L).
It comes with a lockable front door, double-swing-doors to the balcony, exterior lights, texture change windows, a light-ray...

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 001

The house is only 57 prims - and there's more... in the package we have 3 planters and a stone garden pond with animated water and 2 sit-animations!

Just for this weekend I've set the house up on a platform - just tp to the shop and go to the garden house, where you'll find the teleporter. And as a special offer the house will be only

100 L$

this weekend! On monday I'll put it up on the regular price (399 L$), so don't miss this opportunity!

The planters which are included in the house package can also be bought seperately, as the pond, too.

Bang Bang - Modern Beach House 010

More pics are on flickr - just click the photos to get there, or hop over to the shop!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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