Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Beach!

So I tried again and again to get to the Pose Fair today - no luck, it was always full when I tried! I hope I have better luck tomorrow...

Of course that left me with a lot of time to work on the little something I was working on... so now I give you...


For me, Espandrillos are a synonym for beach, sun, water, fun, party, chilling.... holidays! :)

There are three soft leather versions - beige, brown and black; and five linen versions: kittikat, white flower, stripey, dottie and musical. Below you see kittikat!

They are all at the shop now, so come get 'em! 

The baggy pants you see me wearing? Sssh.... soon! ;)

And don't forget there's still the Mini-Easter-Hunt going on, and there are several items reduced to 50L in the shop!

<3 sisch

Your boat to Koo-Koo!