Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home is where my house is....

no wait... how did that saying go?

Okay, I might not be really good at wordplay :p

Anyway, there are two houses new at Koo-Koo!

The 'Garden Retreat' is exactly what the name implies - a small place with lots of windows to gaze out at the garden! Very cozy, made of wood and stone, a bit weathered...

Koo-Koo - Garden Retreat 001

It's just 16 prims and has a lockable door. (Furniture you see in the pics is not included!)
Then there's the skybox 'Bird's Nest' - it's 26 prims including a fireplace, and has texture-change windows and one colour-change wall.

Koo-Koo - Birds Nest_006

Koo-Koo - Birds Nest_002

For more pics please look at my Flickr page and visit the shop for a detailed notecard!

<3 sisch
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