Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sale at Koo-Koo! Exciting News!

Very soon now Koo-Koo&Mean Girl will share a big shop! I've been busy building the whole week!

There's also a garden to explore now - we hope that you will take a moment to wander through it, listen to the birds and smell the flowers, maybe take a few snapshots and relax! :)

The Koo-Koo house-vendors already have been moved into their new building - they're in the little garden retreat now.

A gardenhouse for

There's a sale going on now at Koo-Koo - look for the crates just inside the store, there's a lot of items
for just 30L! One of them is the little grey leatherdress! All of the 30L items won't make it into the new store, so get them now while you still can!

grey leatherdress

And the Highwaist Jeans is on sale for 50L now, in a bunch of great colours!

Highwaist Jeans

Hope to see you at Koo-Koo, and have a great weekend! :)

<3 sisch

Taxi to Koo-Koo