Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's done - Koo-Koo&Mean Girl are now Bang Bang!

Riott and I hope you'll love our new shop - from now on, we'll be offering you sexy skins and shapes, fashion and houses under one name! In addition to a big new shop we also have a beautiful garden, which we hope you will explore, and relax a bit from shopping.... we'll take care of your bags while you have a little swing on our garden swing or relax with a book at our pond! (Beware of the cat, he steals cookies!)

There's also something new to wear in the shop right now, just the right kind of clothing for a Sexy Sunday@Home... comfortable, yet sexy!


The set comes in 5 colours - red, green, turquoise, brown and black - there's the low cut sweat pants and the slightly transparent top in 2 versions - one with sleeves, one without!


Of course the tops come on several layers for easy mixing and matching, and everything is copy/mod!

So we wish you nice weekend and hope to see you soon at Bang Bang!

<3 Riott & Sisch

Your taxi to Bang Bang