Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Special at Bang Bang - The "This is not a Belt" Dress!

It's sunday, and time for a special again:

The "This is not a belt" dress! Very short, very sexy, with a nice view on your lovely back.... hawt! :)
For a less risqué look, you can also wear it as a shirt with leggings or jeans!

"This is not a Belt"

And just for today it's only 50L!

And there's fridays release to discover, too, the linen leisure pants and tank tops in a great variety of colours -  the perfect holiday outfit! Both come in 6 colours, each tank top package has a plain version of the shirt, and one stripey or flowery!

Linen leisure pants and tank tops

And until tuesday, there's still the Angie shape/skin/eyes package on memorial day sale - for 99L!

Happy sunday!

xoxo Riott & Sisch

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