Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Spring, I'm calling you!

Are you as fed up with low temperatures, rain, gusty wind and night frosts as I am? 

So I decided that if I can't have short dresses, bare legs and bikini's in real life yet, I can at least have them in SL, yay! 

The new stuff is celebrating blue skies, mild winds and the sun...

we have the Silver Party Dress and the Black Zipper Dress...
zippy Capri-pants in 6 colours....
and tiny Koo-Koo-kini's in five colours.... and an exclusive colour just for group-members!

Apropos group - I've set up a Subscribe-O-Matic group from which I from now on will send all messages and giftboxes - so don't forget to subscribe when you come over! Aaaaaand Koo-Koo has moved into a new building - larger and more airy, and much more space for new stuff... expect more good things to come in the next few weeks! :)

Have a great weekend!

Taxi to Koo-Koo