Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bang Bang's Kingdom of Cats

Riott and I have been struck by the Kittycat virus! :)

You might have met our shop-cat, Wanker, at the mainstore already. Well, he told us he wants a garden, and a house of his own, and some stuff, and friends... and couldn't we..... ?
Of course we couldn't say no, and so he's now looking forward to you visiting him and his friends in his garden, in Cat's Kingdom!

You'll find the Kingdom of Cats there - a cute little house, perfect not only for your cats but also as a hide-away for you and your loved one... well, if you don't mind getting rained upon from time to time, because the roof.. is not what it used to be!

Bang Bang Lairs - Kingdom of Cats

Bang Bang Lairs - Kingdom of Cats 2

The house is available for the special promotional price of just 99L - only this weekend! Come monday it will be 199L.

We also have the Cat's Cupboard - comes in 4 colours, with colour-changeable cushions! Henry loves sleeping in it!

Bang Bang - Cat's Cupboard

And we have hay-filled Cat's sleeping boxes which come with a colour-change blanket

Bang Bang - Cat's sleeping box

A Kitten's Wicker Chair, also with colour-change cushion....

Bang Bang - Kitten's Wicker Chair

An old dirty sofa which the cats love dearly!

Bang Bang - Cat's fav dirty sofa

... and the cushions....

See you there!
<3 Sisch & Riott (and the cats, Wanker & Henry)