Saturday, April 9, 2011

New tops and pants at Bang Bang!

This week, we have a new fashion release! :)

First, there are the Denim Capri's! They come in regular blue and a worn, slightly torn version, and both packages have two versions - with or without a leather belt! The belt comes with a cute sunflower buckle (note: not sculpted).

Second we have the Frilly Flower tops - cute short tops with a semi-transparent frill! The tops look great worn without it, too, if you want to show a bit more cleavage. They come in beige, lilac and orange and the frill is resize scripted for easy fitting.

Bang Bang - Denim capri's and Frilly tops

And don't forget to grab the limited-time groupgift Riott put up - a skin and make-up! You need to be in the inworld group to get it. :)

And in the Cat's garden, you'll find pretty, shabby furniture that is great for taking pics with your KittyCats, but of course not only with cats... and if you're looking for kitties, there are two boxed ones on offer.

See ya there!

<3 Sisch & Riott

Taxi to Bang Bang