Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beach Cottage - new at Bang Bang!

The Beach Cottage comes in 2 versions - unfurnished for those of you that prefer doing their interior design themselves, or, a first one for me, fully furnished with a lot of cute, low prim stuff you can
see in the picture below! :)

I've had a lot of fun making it all!

Bang Bang - Beach Cottage

The unfurnished version comes with the curtains (open/close on touch), the stove (door opens on touch), the wall decal and the lighting on the floor, which you can switch on/off, too, and the ivy tree and lions head. It's just 98 prims!

The furnished version includes (draws a deep breath :p) : 2 armchairs, a coffee-table, a floor lamp, 3 paintings, a dining table with 2 chairs, a tall-boy, a vase with flowers, a candle holder with candle, a sideboard, a bed, a kitchensink, a hanging kitchenboard with deco... all just 98 prims, so overall it's just 189!

Come on over to the Bang Bang Lairs rezzplace and try it all out!

*hugs* Sisch & Riott